Taking Cues From Walter Mitty


4 years after the release and many plans later, last night I finally sat down to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  The movie is an orgasm for the eyes I must say. Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty does such an amazing job of taking the audience through all the scenic landscapes that one can only wish that they could jump into the frame and feel the wonder through all their five senses.

And while Stiller is hopping on choppers, jumping in oceans, skate-boarding on Icelandic roads, and climbing the Himalayas, I wondered whether I had any ‘been there done that’ moments. Aaaand realized that I had none. In the 24 years of my existence on Earth, I simply had no adventure whatsoever. So here I am going on with the menial grind of daily life with no sense of adventure. I have no recollection of ever falling flat on my face or breaking any of my bones. I have no crazy, fun stories to tell to my grandchildren. Heck, I don’t even know how to ride a bike in the first place.

What was the issue you might ask? Well, let me break it down to you. I am an introvert and also have an avoidant personality. I have always been conscious of what I am doing. Am I doing it right?  What are people going to say? What if I fall and make a fool of myself? These constant thoughts basically are the buzzing flies in my mind. No matter how much I swat at them, they keep coming back. So, yes, these thoughts have held me back for as long as I remember. To put it simply, I try to avoid doing anything new, fun, bold or adventurous. I am scared of water and heights, don’t know to swim, too much greenery freaks me out and the thought of insects lurking out and about makes my hair stand on end. Basically everything exhilaration-inducing and adrenaline-pumping is bad for me, according to me. I feel like the human version of the character Grug from Croods.

But then watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was kind of a shake up. Asking me to go out there and live THE life, explore new lands, make memories and store them up for life. I feel like wanting to know what the craze of wanderlust is all about. I want to know what makes the travellers and adventurers tick. These bunch take heart-stopping challenges and come out chest-thumping.  If anything, I want to belong to this group. The crazy nomads. I, too, want to climb the mountains and sail the oceans. I don’t know when or how, but I will make sure that I somehow overcome my fears and experience all that I have been missing out on. After all what’s the use of that living in which I do not have even a single memory of fear and fun wrapped into one single experience?


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