Being a Crybaby

I’m sure most of you know or must have seen a crybaby atleast once in your lives.┬áPeople who are so emotional that the only way they can express happiness, sadness, anger, betrayal, surprise, shock or any other emotion is through crying. They can cry at the drop of a hat. Or should I say at the drop of hair? Nowadays those things fall faster, mind you. And belonging to this super-sensitive, super-emotional group of people is me!

There is always one thing or the other that makes me cry. My amazing trait (pun intended) to cry at any given time and moment, without taking into consideration the place or situation, bothers me a lot. The fact that actors and actresses acting in movies are, in fact, NOT in real situations, does little to convince me. The guy-girl fall in love? Cry. The guy buys her flowers? Feel ‘awww’ and shed a tear or two for their happiness. The guy dies? Cry inconsolably. As if I have lost something of my own. No matter how strangest or inconsequential the reason be- a mushy commercial, a stranger adopting a disabled pet or even my being hungry- there will always be tears to “grace” any occasion. On top of that, ask me ‘What’s the matter?’ during one of my crying sessions and chances are that instead of revealing my problem, I would start crying more. Damn, these tears.

However, I must say I do find crying to be quite cathartic. So there is a wee-bit of positive aspect to it after all. A night of crying my eyes out mulling over past mistakes, future insecurities and present struggles, provides me with a new sense of direction, a new clarity. The load of worries suddenly melts, giving way to courage to take the life’s challenges head on. The feeling is strong, pure and directional.

Although I really would like to feel positive without having to shed buckets full of tears every single time. But alas! I think I will have to make do with being a crybaby. Such bothersome innate quality I say!


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