Forbidden Territory

There are times when I think about you deep,

And those times are so often to come.

Thinking about you, I let my mind wander

Far into that forbidden territory.

The place is so quite, so serene,

So utterly wonderful yet lonely,

Except for the two of us.

He looks at me, understanding the untold

And says we will make it through.

I blink to let him know I believe.

Future, he says, is not about being together

But about living in each others’ hearts.

Even if I may not be by your side

During times when you need me the most,

Still I will be beside you,

Unseen, unheard

And will help you wade through murky waters.

He hugs me tight, like he always does.

His I-never-want-to-let-you-go hug.

I feel the warmth engulfing me.

It is love and we are at peace.


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